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Working Paper
Childhood and Global Diversity Team: School of Applied Social Studies, UCC;
Children and Global Diversity: Learning Materials Working Papers
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This set of Learning Materials represents an outcome of a research project developed
by lecturing staff in the School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork in
conjunction with the Hope Foundation, in both Cork and Kolkata. The research project
with the support of Irish Aid, NAIRTL (National Academy for Integration of Research
and Teaching and Learning) and the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science
(UCC) developed learning materials on childhood and global diversity for inclusion in
the curriculum of the BA in Early Childhood Studies (BAECS) undergraduate degree
at University College Cork. Beginning in 2007, teaching and learning materials were
developed in the form of issue-based case studies based on the experiences of children
with whom Hope foundation are currently working in Kolkata. At the core of this
project was the belief that an understanding of global diversity is essential for
contemporary early childhood practitioners and that involvement in this project, and
the resulting material development contributes to the development of early year¿s
practitioners who are advocates for children in an increasingly globalising world
context. The collaboration between Hope Foundation and the Early Childhood Studies
team within the Department of Applied Social Studies, UCC also played an important
role in furthering co-operation and understanding between the two organisations and
across the higher education and NGO sectors.
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