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Johns, E;
Congress of the Polish Society of Nephrology
The kidney and its nerves: a 21st Century perspective
Bydgoszcz, Poland
Plenary Lecture
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The Kidney and its nerves

This translational approach has clearly shown that denervation of the kidneys can result in a marked reduction in blood pressure.
A very selected cohort of patients were studied, that is, those who have intractable hypertension and are in a very difficult state.
The question now is whether other patient cohorts might benefit from undergoing this renal denervation procedure.
Patients with renal parenchymal disease, who are in end stage renal failure with hypertension, might all benefit from this approach.
It is clear that we still have much more to learn about the renal nerves and how they contribute to autonomic control in hypertensive and renal disease.
There is clearly an interesting and exciting period ahead.

Polish Society of Nephrology