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James Fairhead
3rd International Political Anthropology Symposium
'Image Magic & the creation of corporate soul'
Department of Sociology, Waterford Institute of Technology
Invited Oral Presentation
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This paper pulls together three main strands, visually illustrated: the dazzling image-magic of the Renaissance Magus (drawing mainly from the historical work of Frances Yates) who generally failed in his bid for political power and wealth; the astoundingly massified and ubiquitous image-magic of the new corporate ad-men of the early C20th (which did indeed leave men stunned) drawing from Roland Marchand second major opus (1998), and the Voegelinian diagnosis of fantasy modes of being on the one hand and the concomitant rise of the rootless quasi-gnostic intellectual on the other. To whom, thank goodness, only a very few of us are closely related.