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Allshire A, Bernardi P, Saris NE;
Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta
Manganese stimulates calcium flux through the mitochondrial uniporter.
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Mn2+ alters the balance between the simultaneous uptake and release of Ca2+ across the mitochondrial inner membrane toward a lower external level. Addition of as little as 0.5 microM Mn2+ to energised mitochondria from rat liver, rat heart or guinea-pig brain changed the level at which they buffered Ca2+ in the medium. That extramitochondrial Mn2+ was responsible was suggested by a partial decay in the shift in Ca2+ steady state at a rate similar to the rate at which Mn2+ was accumulated by the mitochondria. The alteration of transmembrane Ca2+ distribution by Mn2+ required that both Mg2+ and Pi be present, and was almost maximal at Mg2+ and Pi levels in the physiological range. Substitution of spermine or Ni2+ for Mg2+, or acetate for Pi, abolished the effect. In contrast to Sr2+, Mn2+ did not inhibit either EGTA- or Ruthenium red-induced release of Ca2+ from the mitochondria. However, when flux through the uniporter was rate-limiting, Mn2+ accelerated Ca2+ uptake. The stimulation showed hyperbolic kinetics, with an element of competition discernible in the Mn2+-Mg2+ interaction. Thus, extramitochondrial Mn2+ at levels occurring in vivo can alter the mitochondrial 'set-point' by stimulating Ca2+ influx through the uniporter.
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