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Murphy, R., Cassimjee, N. & Schur, C ;
Journal of Psychology in Africa
Influence of socio-cultural factors on SRAVEN performance.
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The study explored the evidence for the cross-cultural transportability of non-verbal neuropsychological tests to the South African setting. Six hundred and thirty South African first year students were assessed using the University of Pennsylvania Computerised Neuropsychological Test Battery (PennCNP). Fluid intelligence was measured by a computerized version of the Raven¿s Progressive Matrices (SRAVENS). Analysis of variance indicated that gender, home language, quality of schooling, language of schooling and paternal education influenced performance on the SRAVEN. Stepwise multiple regression evidenced the importance of language, paternal education and high school language on SRAVENS responses. The assumption of non-verbal test scores as being independent of socio-demographic factors needs to be revisited as such independence cannot be maintained in light of such evidence. 

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