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Hall, Kathy; Conway, Paul; Rath, Anne; Murphy, Rosaleen; McKeon, Jacinta;
Reporting To Parents In Primary School: Communication, Meaning and Learning.
National Council for Curriculum and Assessment
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School reports Parents Report cards Primary schools Parent- teacher meetings Reporting to parents Assessment of learning Asessment for learning Children's voices Standardised tests

This study was commissioned by the NCCA to inform its work in supporting schools with respect to how they report to parents about the learning of their children. This is becoming an increasingly important and challenging task, in the light of (a) new developments and understanding about learning and assessment, (b) Ireland’s relatively recent cultural diversity, and c) recent legislation and official policy highlighting how schools are accountable to students, parents and the State. The NCCA endorses the role of parents, as partners with schools, in extending children’s learning. School reporting practices are central to this role and the nature of these practices is the theme of this NCCA-commissioned study. In terms of assessment policy and practice, we note that reporting is more closely linked with summative than formative assessment.  As such, in terms of formal reporting at both parent-teacher meetings and in relation to written report cards the emphasis is on ‘what has been learned by students to date’, that is, ‘assessment of learning’ (AoL). The principal aim of this study was to examine existing policy and practice of reporting to parents and to offer evidence-based recommendations that could enhance the process. Chapters 1 and 2 set the background for the study and describe the research design, while chapters 3, 4 and 5 present and discuss the results of the case studies and survey that were conducted by the UCC team of reserachers. Finally, the implications and recommendations for policy and practice in light of the findings of the study, taking into account recent developments in primary assessment policy, are discussed.

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