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MacCotter, P.;
2004 January
Regions and Rulers in Ireland: 1100-1650
The Geraldine clerical lineages of Imokilly and Sir John fitz Edmund of Cloyne
Fourcourts Press
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An account of the various Geraldine clerical lineages of the barony of Imokilly, Co. Cork. This traces the ramification of these related lines from a number of closely related ancestors of the lineage of the Geraldine Knights of Kerry who arrived in Imokilly late in the 14th century. This lineage provided two bishops of Cork & Cloyne and a line of hereditary deans of Cloyne. The last of these was Sir John fitz Edmund of Cloyne (c.15271612), a major figure in contemporary Cork society, whose life and career is fully explored.

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