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Frascella, P,Mac Suibhne, N,Gunning, FCG,Ibrahim, SK,Gunning, P,Ellis, AD;
Optics Express
Unrepeatered field transmission of 2 Tbit/s multi-banded coherent WDM over 124 km of installed SMF
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In this paper we report field transmission of a 2Tbit/s multi-banded Coherent WDM signal over BT Ireland's installed SMF, using EDFA amplification only, with mixed Ethernet (with FEC) and PRBS payloads. To the best of our knowledge, the results obtained represent the highest total capacity transmitted over installed SMF with orthogonal subcarriers. BERs below 10(-5) and no frame-loss were recorded for all 49 subcarriers. Extended BER measurements over several hours showed fluctuations that can be attributed to PMD and to dynamic effects associated with clock instabilities. (C) 2010 Optical Society of America
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