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Crowley, T.; Browne, D., Whelton, H., Flannery, E., Di Blasi, Z., Porteous, M., & O¿Mollane, D.;
36th Psychological Society of Ireland Annual Conference 2006
Investigation of the Relationship between Oral Health and Health-Related Quality of Life
Galway, Ireland
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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Oral Health-Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) measures are used in dentistry to assess the impact of oral health (OH) and treatment on life quality. It was hypothesised that psychosocial dimensions of Health-Related Quality of Life(HRQoL) could mediate or moderate the relationship between OH and OHRQoL. This study aims to examine the relationships between OH, and five dimensions of HRQoL ¿ physical, social, and psychological functioning, overall life satisfaction, and perceptions of health status, i.e. OHRQoL. Currently 117 of a sample of 240 employed Irish adults, aged 35-44 years, have been dentally examined and completed a HRQoL questionnaire. Preliminary results indicate that several of the HRQoL dimensions are associated with OH and OHRQoL.