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Di Blasi, Z., O'Reilly Trace A., & Bourgoyne L.;
EHPS (European Health Psychology Society) 23rd Annual Conference 2009
The role of mindfulness in first year psychology lectures on attention, wellbeing and academic performance
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Psychology and Health, Vol. 24, Supplement 1,
Pisa, Italy

This study examined the role of mindfulness among first year psychology students on attention, psychological well-being and academic performance. A brief mindfulness exercise was conducted at the start of each lecture of two first year psychology modules. Psychological wellbeing was assessed using the Perceived Stress Scale, the Subjective Happiness Scale, and the Positive and Negative Affect Scale. Mindfulness was measured using the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale. Open-ended  questions were included to examine the students¿ experience. A total of 83 students completed questionnaires. There were no significant changes in psychological wellbeing, mindfulness and academic performance. Over half felt that the mindfulness exercise helped them concentrate during the lectures. Content analysis revealed that the mindfulness exercise was the most important factor in helping to make the module a positive experience. This was the first study of its nature. Further research should incorporate larger student groups alongside a control group.

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