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Mandatory Fields
Stephen Gaetz, Séamus Ó Tuama;
2010 Unknown
Walls, Fences, Borders, and Boundaries: Essays on Social Exclusion, Inclusion and Intergration
Outside the Rights Wall: youth homelessness and the denial of respect and human rights
Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
In Press
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In the contemporary world through the introduction of new legislation and the reformulation of rights by neoliberals, who have effectively built a rights wall around a core population and a core set of values. Those inside the wall enjoy the full complement of rights and through favourable fiscal measures are granted enhanced social rights. By contrast those outside have their rights diminished.  The authors look at the practical impacts of this change in emphasis on a particularly vulnerable population, homeless youth. They base our empirical research on the experiences of street youth living in Toronto, Canada. They argue that street youth are much more likely than domiciled youth to be habitually treated with disrespect. This exhibits itself in their being subjected to violent crime, including sexual assault, but also in other systematic behavior that undermines their capacity to fully experience a life of dignity and respect. In addition they have to contend with new laws that are hostile to their capacity to enjoy the autonomy and rights envisaged in the Canadian bill of rights, effectively constructing them as a sort of underclass who, in the words of Hannah Arendt, do not `have the right to have rights¿
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