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Gillett, S, Hopkins, C, Slack, R, Browne, JP;
Clinical Otolaryngology
A Pilot Study of The Snot 22 Score In Adults With No Sinonasal Disease
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Objective:. To determine the SNOT 22 score in a normal population.. Study design:. Analysis of SNOT 22 scores participants with no sinonasal disease.. Setting:. Bath, UK.. Participants:. 116 participants from a local hospital and tennis club.. Results:. Results were obtained from 54 men and 62 women with a mean age of 40 (range 19-75). SNOT score ranged from 0-50 with a mean score of 9.3 (95% confidence interval range of 7.5-11.1). The modal score was 0 and the median score 7 (95% confidence interval range of 5-8).. Conclusion:. Due to the scewed nature of the data, the median score (7) is taken as the normal SNOT 22 score. We recommend that in an clincial situation a SNOT 22 score of 7 be used a a guide for "normal", and that care should be taken when suggesting treatment on patients with a score below this level..
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