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Song, JH, O'Brien, P, Peters, FH;
Optics Express
Optimal Laser Welding Assembly Sequences For Butterfly Laser Module Packages
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We present an optimal laser welding assembly sequence for butterfly laser packages: 1) initial shift, 2) front welding, 3) rear welding, 4) joint gripper releasing, 5) mechanical fine tuning of horizontal misalignment. This sequence has been optimized significantly by modeling the initial shift and experimental investigations of three assembly sequences. Our results show that misalignment from the Post-Weld-Shift (PWS) can be compensated by accurately estimating the initial shift in the vertical direction. Furthermore, the laser hammering procedure, to compensate for misalignment of the vertical direction, can be eliminated by proper package design. Using only final mechanical tuning for horizontal misalignments, optical coupling efficiencies of 73-99% have been achieved for lasers packaged in butterfly modules. (C) 2009 Optical Society of America.
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