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Koehler, AK, Murphy, K, Kiely, G, Sottocornola, M;
Seasonal Variation of Doc Concentration and Annual Loss of Doc From An Atlantic Blanket Bog In South Western Ireland
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This paper represents the first continuous dissolved organic carbon (DOC) record, measured in a stream draining an Atlantic blanket bog in South West Ireland for the calendar year 2007. At 30-min intervals, the DOC concentration was automatically measured using an in-stream spectroanalyser whose variation compared well with laboratory analysed samples taken by a 24-bottle auto-sampler. The concentration of DOC ranged from 2.7 to 11.5 mg L-1 with higher values during the summer and lower values during the winter. A simple linear regression model of DOC concentration versus air temperature of the previous day was found, suggesting that temperature more than discharge was controlling the DOC concentration in the stream. The change in DOC concentration with storm events showed two patterns: (1) in the colder period: the DOC concentration seemed to be independent of changes in stream flow; (2) in the warmer period: the DOC concentration was found to rise with increases in stream flow on some occasions and to decrease with increasing stream flow on other occasions. The annual export of DOC for 2007 was 14.1 (+/- 1.5) g C m(-2). This value was calculated using stream discharge data that were determined by continuously recorded measurements of stream height. The flux of DOC calculated with the 30-min sampling was compared with that calculated based on lower sampling frequencies. We found that sampling frequency of weekly or monthly were adequate to calculate the annual flux of DOC in our study site in 2007..
DOI 10.1007/s10533-009-9333-9
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