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Vorreau, P, Sygletos, S, Parmigiani, F, Hillerkuss, D, Bonk, R, Petropoulos, P, Richardson, DJ, Zarris, G, Simeonidou, D, Klonidis, D, Tomkos, I, Weerasuriya, R, Ibrahim, S, Ellis, AD, Cotter, D, Morais, R, Monteiro, P, Ben Ezra, S, Tsadka, S, Freude, W, Leuthold, J;
Optics Express
Optical Grooming Switch With Regenerative Functionality For Transparent Interconnection of Networks
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We demonstrate a regenerative optical grooming switch for buffer-less interconnection of metro/access and metro/core ring networks with switching functionality in time, space and wavelength domain. Key functionalities of the router are the traffic aggregation with time-slot interchanging (TSI) functionality, the WDM-to-ODTM multiplexing and the OTDM-to-WDM demultiplexing of high-speed channel into lower bit-rate tributaries as well as multi-wavelength all-optical 2R regeneration of several higher-speed signals. BER and Q-factor measurements of different switching scenarios show excellent performance with no error floor and Q-factors above 21 dB. (C) 2009 Optical Society of America.
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