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Gradkowski, K, Pavarelli, N, Ochalski, TJ, Williams, DP, Tatebayashi, J, Huyet, G, O'Reilly, EP, Huffaker, DL;
Applied Physics Letters
Complex Emission Dynamics of Type-Ii Gasb/Gaas Quantum Dots
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Optical properties of the GaSb/GaAs quantum dot system are investigated using a time-resolved photoluminescence technique. In this type-II heterostructure the carriers of different species are spatially separated and, as a consequence, a smooth evolution of both the emission wavelength and decay timescale is observed. A wavelength shift of 170 nm is measured simultaneously with the progressive timescale change from 100 ps to 23 ns. These phenomena are explained by the evolution of the carrier density, which brings a modification to the optical transition probability as well as the shift in the emission toward the higher energies..
DOI 10.1063/1.3202419
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