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Firth, AE, Atkins, JF;
Virology Journal
Analysis of The Coding Potential of The Partially Overlapping 3 ' Orf In Segment 5 of The Plant Fijiviruses
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The plant-infecting members of the genus Fijivirus (family Reoviridae) have linear dsRNA genomes divided into 10 segments, two of which contain two substantial and non-overlapping ORFs, while the remaining eight are apparently monocistronic. However, one of these - namely segment 5 contains a second long ORF (similar to 200+ codons) that overlaps the 3' end of the major ORF (similar to 920-940 codons) in the +1 reading frame. In this report, we use bioinformatic techniques to analyze the pattern of base variations across an alignment of fijivirus segment 5 sequences, and show that this 3' ORF has a strong coding signature. Possible translation mechanisms for this unusually positioned ORF are discussed..
DOI 10.1186/1743-422X-6-32
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