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Kefelian, F, O'Donoghue, S, Todaro, MT, McInerney, J, Huyet, G;
Optics Express
Experimental Investigation of Different Regimes of Mode-Locking In A High Repetition Rate Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Quantum-Dot Laser
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We report experimental investigations on a two-section 16-GHz repetition rate InAs/GaAs quantum dot passively mode-locked laser. Near the threshold current, pseudo-periodic Q-switching with complex dynamics is exhibited. Mode-locking operation regimes characterized by different repetition rates and timing jitter levels are encountered up to twice the threshold current. Evolution of the RF spectrum and optical spectrum with current is compared. The different mode-locked regimes are shown to be associated with different spectral and temporal shapes, ranging from 1.3 to 6 ps. This point is discussed by introducing the existence of two different supermodes. Repetition rate evolution and timing jitter increase is attributed to the coupling between the dominant and the secondary supermodes. (C) 2008 Optical Society of America.
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