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Joyce T, Hannon EM, Kiely M, Flynn, A.
British Journal of Nutrition
Analysis of The Impact of Fortified Food Consumption On Overall Dietary Quality In Irish Adults
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The aim of the present Study was to assess the impact of fortified food (FF) consumption on overall dietary quality in Irish adults. Data for this analysis was based on the North/South Ireland Food Consumption Survey which used a 7d food diary to collect food and beverage intake data in it representative sample of 1379 Irish adults (662 men and 717 women) aged 18 64 years. Foods contained in the database that are fortified were identified from the presence of vitamins and/or minerals in the ingredient list. on the label. The results showed that ail increased level of FF consumption was associated with lower intakes (percentage food energy) of total fat and saturated fat (women only) and higher intakes of total carbohydrate, total sugars (but not added sugars) and starch. Increased consumption was associated with a more micronutrient-dense diet and a reduced prevalence of dietary inadequacies of Ca, Fe, riboflavin and folate, particularly in women. Higher FF consumption was associated with higher intakes of fruit, lower intakes of alcohol and a lower likelihood of smoking in men and women. Thus it appears that FF consumption is a marker of both better dietary quality and healthy lifestyle behaviours..
DOI 10.1017/S0007114508009859
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