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Jenny Butler
Ritual Year 2: The Ritual Year and Ritual Diversity
Midsummer Magic: Neo-Pagan Celebrations of the Summer Solstice
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Paganism Neopaganism Neo-Paganism Irish Paganism Irish Neo-Paganism Irish Celtic Pagan Ireland Midsummer Fire Festivals Sunrise Ritual Hill of Tara Tara Co. Meath Tara Sacred Site Pagan Solstice Summer Solstice Ireland

In neo-pagan ritual, Midsummer is one of four "fire festivals" that have their origins in the Celtic structure of the year. The magical element of Fire has associations with spiritual illumination and purification and the lighting of fires plays an important part. Some groups begin their celebration at dusk on the evening of 20th June and have a ritual that instigates the night vigil. Then they watch the sunrise at dawn on the 21st. Other groups hold a ceremony on the day of the solstice itself. The public rituals have drawn media attention and this has served to bring the focus onto midsummer more than any other festival celebrated by contemporary Pagans in Ireland.
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