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Yang, X, Manning, RJ, Mishra, AK, Webb, RP, Ellis, AD, Cotter, D;
Proceedings of The 9Th International Conference On Transparent Optical Networks, Vol 2
Application of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers In High-Speed All-Optical Nrz to Rz Format Conversion
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We present two types of 42.6 Gbit/s all-optical non-retum-zero (NRZ) to return-zero (RZ) format converters using semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs). The converters are based on cross-phase modulation (XPM) and cross-polarisation modulation (XPolM) in SOAs. Both format converters produce a correctly-coded, polarity-preserved RZ signal at the output and have the flexibility of variable NRZ input data wavelength. Error-free operation was achieved for both converters with switching energy below 50 fJ/pulse. The format converter based on XPM has the additional advantage of variable duty-cycle of the RZ signal and exhibited negative power penalties..
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