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Todaro, MT, Tourrenc, JP, Hegarty, SP, Kelleher, C, Corbett, B, Huyet, G, McInerney, JG;
Robust Passively Mode-Locked 1.3 Mu M Quantum Dot Lasers With Low Timing Jitter - Art. No. 64850l
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Mode-locked semiconductor lasers have great promise for many emerging applications if they can be made sufficiently robust. Typical performance requirements are 1-10 ps pulses with timing jitter similar to 1 ps and 1-10 GHz repetition rates with peak powers 10-100 mW. Here we consider pulse width and timing jitter in passively mode-locked two-section InAs quantum-dot lasers emitting at 13 10 nm. We have identified two distinct, extensive mode-locked regions with robust short pulses and low timing jitter. A record combination of 2 ps pulses and 20 fs/cycle timing jitter (500 fs, from 1-100 MHz), with 100 mW peak power per facet is demonstrated. The implications for practical systems design are discussed..
DOI 10.1117/12.714265
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