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Murray, ED, Fahy, S, Prendergast, D, Ogitsu, T, Fritz, DM, Reis, DA;
Physical Review B
Phonon Dispersion Relations and Softening In Photoexcited Bismuth From First Principles
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The phonon dispersion relations for equilibrium and photoexcited bismuth are calculated from first-principles density-functional perturbation theory, with constrained occupation of excited electronic states. The dependence of phonon frequency on photoexcited electron-hole plasma density is found for modes throughout the Brillouin zone. The resulting phonon dispersion curves are in good agreement with available neutron-scattering data for the equilibrium occupation of electronic bands. We find the effect of phonon softening by the electron-hole plasma to be substantially larger in the optical modes than in the acoustic modes throughout the Brillouin zone..
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevB.75.184301
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