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Rynne, NM, Beresford, TP, Kelly, AL, Tunick, MH, Malin, EL, Guinee, TP;
Australian Journal of Dairy Technology
Effect of Exopolysaccharide-Producing Adjunct Starter Cultures On The Manufacture, Composition and Yield of Half-Fat Cheddar Cheese
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The effect of exopolysacch a ride (EPS)-producing adjunct starter cultures on the manufacture, composition and yield of half-fat cheddar cheeses (similar to 16%, w/w, fat) was examined. Four replicate trials were undertaken, in each of which three batches of cheese were manufactured using either a control starter culture alone (CTRL), control starter plus a capsular EPS-producing (EPSCap) adjunct culture, or control starter plus a ropy EPS-producing (EPSRop) adjunct culture. Compared to the CTRL and EPSCap cultures, use of the EPSRop culture significantly improved rennet coagulation properties, reduced manufacturing time, and increased cheese moisture content (by similar to 1.8%, w/w), percentage of milkfat recovered in cheese (by similar to 2.5% of total milkfat) and the actual cheese yield (by similar to 0.25 kg/100 kg milk). In contrast, use of the EPSCap culture had little or no effect on the above parameters..
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