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Goulding, D, Hegarty, SP, Rasskazov, O, Melnik, S, Hartnett, M, Greene, G, McInerney, JG, Rachinskii, D, Huyet, G;
Physical Review Letters
Excitability In A Quantum Dot Semiconductor Laser With Optical Injection
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We experimentally analyze the dynamics of a quantum dot semiconductor laser operating under optical injection. We observe the appearance of single- and double-pulse excitability at one boundary of the locking region. Theoretical considerations show that these pulses are related to a saddle-node bifurcation on a limit cycle as in the Adler equation. The double pulses are related to a period-doubling bifurcation and occur on the same homoclinic curve as the single pulses..
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.153903
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