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Hoffmann, D, Curtin, M, Moore, E, Loughran, M;
Lab On A Chip
Development of An Integrated Microsystem For Injection, Transport and Manipulation of Encoded Microbeads
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An integrated microsystem for injection, transport and manipulation of encoded microbeads on a single microchip is presented. The device also incorporates a customized reaction chamber to process individual, optically encoded microbeads. This research illustrates how microfabrication technologies enable convenient integration of multiple capabilities of microbeads, controlled microfluidic injection, integration of heater elements and temperature sensors and detection of microbeads in a single microfluidic chip. A practical application for the integrated microsystem is confirmed by the ability to select a specific DNA sequence of interest from a 46 4 cDNA library. This application emphasizes the advantages of component integration for rapid bio-assay development in a complete microsystem..
DOI 10.1039/b613594n
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