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O'Brien, S, Osborne, S, Buckley, K, Fehse, R, Amann, A, O'Reilly, EP, Barry, LP, Anandarajah, P, Patchell, J, O'Gorman, J;
Physical Review A
Inverse Scattering Approach to Multiwavelength Fabry-Perot Laser Design
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A class of multiwavelength Fabry-Perot lasers is introduced where the spectrum is tailored through a patterning of the cavity effective index. The cavity geometry is obtained using an inverse scattering approach and can be designed such that the spacing of discrete Fabry-Perot lasing modes is limited only by the bandwidth of the inverted gain medium. A specific two-color semiconductor laser with a mode spacing in the THz region is designed, and measurements are presented demonstrating the simultaneous oscillation of the two wavelengths. The nonperiodic effective index profile of the particular two-color device considered is shown to be related to a Moire or superstructure grating..
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevA.74.063814
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