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Zebhauser R, Kammerer R, Eisenried A, McLellan A, Moore T, Zimmermann W;
Identification of a novel group of evolutionarily conserved members within the rapidly diverging murine Cea family.
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The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) family comprises a still actively evolving populous group of proteins that are involved in controlling tissue homeostasis, immune responses, and host/pathogen interactions. The genes identified to date in rodents and primates exhibit low sequence similarity and an extremely variable domain composition. Among the 22 murine Cea-related genes, only for Ceacam1 has an ortholog been assigned. To identify all CEA-related genes in mouse, rat, and human we undertook genome-wide analyses. Eight of 9 new expressible genes (Ceacam12-Ceacam20) could be located within the approximately 6.5-Mb murine Cea locus. Five of the genes were rodent-specific (Ceacam12-Ceacam15 and Ceacam17). Surprisingly, for the remaining 4 (Ceacam16 and Ceacam18-Ceacam20) orthologs could be detected in all three genomes at syntenic locations. Gene-specific reverse transcription/PCR analyses of total RNA from 31 murine adult, placental, and embryonic tissues as well as tumors revealed very distinct expression patterns, suggesting diversified functions within the CEA family.
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