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O'Brien, L., Giller, K., Tan, K-T., McCarthy, J.B., Csáki, C., and Adam , F. ;
Transformational Government Workshop 2011 (tGOV11)
Conflicting Expectations in Transforming Government Service Processes: The Story of E-Payment for Social Welfare in Ireland.
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E-Government financial exclusion E-Payments ICT G2C B2G
Ghoneim, A., Weerakkody, V. and Kamal, M.
Paper 18
Brunel University, West London
Despite its clear potential and attractiveness as a solution to a broad range of societal problems, E-Government has not been adopted to levels predicted in early 2000 literature. Whilst case studies of punctual development of E-Government initiatives abound, few countries have progressed to high levels of maturity in the systematic use of ICT in the relationship between government and citizens. At the same time, the current period brings challenges in terms of access to public services and costs of delivering these services which make the large scale use of ICT by governments more attractive than ever, if not even a necessity. This paper presents a detailed case study of a specific E-Government initiative in Ireland in the area of E-payments for G2C, in the social welfare area. Locating the current initiative in its historical context, it analyses the varied motivations and conflicting requirements of the numerous stakeholders and discusses the constraints that bear on the potential scenarios that could be followed at this point in time.
Enterprise Ireland
ISBN 978-1-902316-84-0
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Enterprise Ireland
Innovation Partnership research grant IP/2009/0038