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P. Cantillon-Murphy, T.C. Neugebauer, C. Brasca and D. J. Perreault;
IEEE Power Electronics Letters
An active ripple filtering technique for improving common-mode inductor performance
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Active ripple filtering is the replacement of large passive components in power filter circuits with smaller passive components and active control circuitry. This letter focuses on common-mode filters, where a large common-mode inductor (choke) is replaced by two smaller chokes and active op-amp control. The technique is appropriate when improved attenuation is required at relatively low frequencies and the high-frequency filtering requirements are easily met. Smaller chokes save significantly in material and winding costs. The technique is more advantageous if wire-wound chokes can be replaced by planar printed circuit board chokes. The use of the technique in an automotive electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter application is explored in detail.
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