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P. Cantillon-Murphy;
Novel Uses for Magnets in Medicine
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Grand Rounds at Cork University Hospital
The use of magnets in surgery was proposed in diverse contexts over the last century. However, it is the development of advanced, minimally-invasive intervention methods such as single-port laparoscopy and natural orifice surgery that has propelled the use of high-strength, permanent magnetic components to the forefront of surgical innovation. The use of magnetic components to improve clinician access and manoeuvrability in vivo has been demonstrated by multiple groups in a variety of advanced minimally-invasive procedures. However, these passive magnetic devices are necessarily limited in size for laparoscopic or endoscopic delivery.

A novel solution to this shortcoming is the use of self-deployed magnetic components that can assembly into larger macro-magnets in vivo but are still suitable for delivery through a small access port. One such permanent-magnetic microsystem has been designed and successfully tested in live animal studies.

This seminar will present (i) a brief context for the use of magnets in surgery, (ii) a theory for self-deployed magnetic microsystems, particularly suited to surgical applications, (iii) the simulated and experimental testing procedures employed and, (iv) the results of in vivo animal testing using a prototype device.
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