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Kelleher CC, Harrington J, Friel S;
Irish Journal of Medical Science
Measures of self-reported morbidity according to age, gender and general medical services eligibility in the national survey of lifestyles, attitudes and nutrition.
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BACKGROUND: The survey of lifestyles, attitudes and nutrition (SLAN) is a national representative sample of 6,539 adults. AIMS: To report on both global and disease specific measures of self-reported morbidity according to age, gender and medical card status. METHODS: Reported rates of morbidity are given for angina, heart attack, stroke, raised blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and for other general conditions as well as difficulty with hearing and glasses/contact lens use. Stratified chi-squared analysis of categorical variables was conducted and logistic age adjusted regression model with general medical services (GMS) eligibility as the dependent variable. RESULTS: All conditions were more prevalent after the age of 45 years and showed a continuing age gradient. There were highly statistically significant inverse morbidity patterns according to GMS status among both men and women. Only reported raised cholesterol level was higher among the more affluent (13.5% males and 13.3% females over 45 years without a medical card, compared with 7.3% and 9.5% card holders respectively), one suggested explanation is the lack of access to means-tested screening. CONCLUSIONS: There is considerable morbidity in the Irish population, particularly among GMS card holders.
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