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Butler, David J.;
Bibliomara: An Annotated Indexed Bibliography of Cultural and Maritime Heritage Studies of the Coastal Zone in Ireland
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BiblioMara is a project that was initiated and funded by the Heritage Council of Ireland. The aim of the project was to create as comprehensive as possible within the available timeframe an annotated indexed bibliography of cultural and maritime heritage studies of the Irish coastal zone. The research team engaged in the work on theBiblioMara included: the Coastal & Marine Resources Centre (UCC) (Project Co-ordinators), the Department of Béaloideas (UCC) and Meitheal Mara (Cork).

Stage I of the BiblioMara project was undertaken in the period from November 2002 to October 2003 and collected references for the Republic of Ireland.

Stage II of the BiblioMara project was undertaken from October 2003 to January 2004 and expanded the bibliography to the island of Ireland to include Northern Ireland.

The scope of the BiblioMara Bibliography is currently limited to references related to cultural and built heritage, with inclusion of references related to human activities in the coastal zone (inclusive of technical reports - e.g. fishing policies, Coastal Zone Management, etc.). References related to natural heritage (e.g. geology, physical geography, biology, etc.) and purely scientific references (e.g. biological works on distribution of particular species) are currently out of the scope of the BiblioMara project.

The BiblioMara Bibliography 2004 edition contains 2964 references, which can be browsed in PDF or DATABASEformat. Please use the links provided in the left panel of this page to obtain more detailed information on how to proceed with each of the formats.

If you have any comments or questions about the BiblioMara project please e-mail to bibliomara@ucc.ie

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