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Macedo, I.S.M., Sousa Gallagher M.J. and Byrne, E.P;
40th Annual UCC Food Research Conference
Vitamin fortification of granola breakfast product,
University College Cork, Ireland
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Breakfast cereals became part of our diets, and they can be an important vehicle to transport vitamins and other functional components in their matrices. The daily intake levels of vitamins and minerals highlights the importance of these micronutrients in our diet, but addition of vitamins to foods must consider the tolerable upper intake levels established. The aim of this work was to fortify the granola product with two vitamins (riboflavin and folic acid) and assess the impact of vitamins added to the quality characteristics of granola. A full factorial design with two factors and three levels (riboflavin at 0, 6 and 12 mg; folic acid at 0, 100 and 200 mg) was carried out to mix these vitamins with the dry ingredients of granola until the aggregates were formed. The quantitative analysis of riboflavin added was performed using the VitaFast microbiological microtiter plate test, and folic acid added was performed using the RidascreenFast enzyme microtiter plate. Quality parameters (moisture content, colour and sensory characteristics) were assessed for the different conditions of vitamins added and statistical analysis was performed. The addition of vitamins showed a significant effect on colour parameters, but moisture content was not significantly affected, nevertheless the product had good acceptability in all the conditions studied. The quantification of both vitamins showed that the fortification of granola was achieved with success.