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Zhao, J,Ellis, AD;
Electronic Letters
Demonstration of 10 Gbit/s transmission over 900 km SMF with < 400 ns adaptation time using full-field EDC
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This reported work significantly extends the reach of 10Gbit/s on-off keying singlemode fibre (SMF) transmission using full-field based electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) to 900 km. In addition, the EDC balances the complexity and the adaptation capability by employing a simple dispersive transmission line with static parameters for coarse dispersion compensation and 16-state maximum likelihood sequence estimation with Gaussian approximation based channel training for adaptive impairment trimming. Improved adaptation times of less than 400 ns for a bit error rate target of 10(-3) over distances ranging from 0 to 900 km are reported.
DOI 10.1049/el.2011.0496
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