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Murphy, MM;
UCC College: The Look of Learning Symposium
`MUMS KNOW BEST¿ Student Presentations of Antenatal Education Classes
West Wing, UCC
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Poster Abstract `College: The Look of Learning¿

`MUMS KNOW BEST¿ Student Presentations of Antenatal Education Classes

NU5056 Childbirth and the Neonate I

This is a 20 credit core midwifery module which aims to explore normal midwifery practice in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.

It is delivered to first year post registration students undertaking the Higher Diploma in Midwifery at the Catherine Mc Auley School of Nursing & Midwifery, University College Cork. These students have previously completed a 4 year BSc (Hons) Nursing degree.
Learning Outcomes are that the student will be able to
· Describe the physiological and psychological processes of pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.
· Analyse the role and responsibilities of the midwife in the provision of maternity care for women and their babies.
· Critically explore the midwife's role in supporting women in normal childbirth and the factors which affect the mother's choices in infant care.
· Critically explore the role and responsibilities of the midwife, caring for the woman and neonate, in situations where childbirth has deviated from normal.
· Demonstrate the requisite knowledge and skills to plan, implement and evaluate antenatal education programmes for parents and families
The module is facilitated
by a combination of traditional lectures and student led learning. The module content includes; childbirth, a normal life event; reproductive anatomy and physiology; pregnancy and antenatal care; labour and birth; care in normal labour; care of mother following birth; initial care and assessment of the newborn; postnatal care of mother and baby; infant feeding; midwifery skills; health and safety; neonatal resuscitation; pregnancy loss and bereavement.

For the preparation for parenthood component of the module, the students are facilitated to develop an enquiry based method of preparing a parenthood education session. These sessions are delivered to their peers and lecturers in the guise of Registered Midwives facilitating a class to prospective parents.

The module is assessed in several ways including student presentations (100 marks), the submission of a 1,500 assignment based on the teaching and learning strategies they employed in their presentation (100 marks) and a 3 hour end of year examination (200 marks).