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Carey JB, Pearson FE, Vrdoljak A, McGrath MG, Crean AM, Walsh PT, Doody T, O'Mahony C, Hill AV, Moore AC;
Plos One
Microneedle array design determines the induction of protective memory CD8 T cell responses induced by a recombinant live malaria vaccine in mice.
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Vaccine delivery into the skin has received renewed interest due to ease of access to the immune system and microvasculature, however the stratum corneum (SC), must be breached for successful vaccination. This has been achieved by removing the SC by abrasion or scarification or by delivering the vaccine intradermally (ID) with traditional needle-and-syringes or with long microneedle devices. Microneedle patch-based transdermal vaccine studies have predominantly focused on antibody induction by inactivated or subunit vaccines. Here, our principal aim is to determine if the design of a microneedle patch affects the CD8(+) T cell responses to a malaria antigen induced by a live vaccine.
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