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Nic Cárthaigh, E.;
25th Irish Conference of Medievalists
Doomsday, Hell and homilies in the Liber Flavus Fergusiorum.
National University of Ireland Galway
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The fifteenth-century Liber Flavus Fergusiorum contains mostly religious works including devotional material, cautionary anecdotes, hagiographical matter and a number of passions and homiletic texts. Many of the items in this manuscript are presented without a rubric, title or any indication of their intended use. This talk will focus on three texts: a short prose tract outlining the fifteen signs before doomsday; a poem describing doomsday coupled with a prose text outlining the torments of hell; and a prose text concerning the Resurrection, Christ's harrowing of hell and the appearance of hell on Christ's arrival at its doors. While there is no doubt as to the subject matter of these texts, the question remains as to why and to what end this material was preserved. It is possible that the prose style of the latter two texts mentioned here is in some way connected with the inclusion of homiletic material in the Liber Flavus Fergusiorum.